I am sending you a warm, heartfelt invitation to peruse my new website!
The vibration of the voice is a powerful  connector.
The vibrations of a single voice can create all kinds of wonders.
May we sing together a new world of possibilities with love and care for one another!
Whatever your interest for being here, may you find what you are looking for whether it is:
voice coaching, connection through sound healing, 
looking for unique music for your next production,
a life shifting workshop or just to satisfy your curiosity.

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Autumn Musings 

In my area of the world we have gone from 80 and 90 degree weather to 60s and 70s overnight.The cooler weather is invigorating in a way of beaconing me to move more, dance more and SING!  I am singing my body, I am singing my love for the land, I am singing for the raising of youth and visions of a peaceful world!

New Life in Every Moment 

As the New Year marches on, I'm reflecting on my relationship with improvisation and how it helps me in my daily living!
Imagine all possibilities open to you in every moment...
We are creating our worlds around us.  May we all hear our inner voices loud and clear about when to be still and when to move with spirit.
In improv, we have the power to go along with what's happening or to dramatically change the course of the music while remaining WITH the music.
Let's keep taking chances and expanding our capacities!

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