Janiece has collaborated as a lyricist with composers
Marcos Cavalcante (Standing on the Edge), Monika Herzig,
David Ward Steinman and Curtis Cantwell Jackson.


 Janiece has also  written lyrics to the music of Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk,  Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Steve Swallow, David Stienman and more.. 

 Janiece has recorded ttwelve albums, and can be heard as a guest vocalist on more than 20 other recordings.
Cathy the Fiddler

Lyrics: Janiece Jaffe 2003
Composer: Marcos Cavalcante

Once there was a girl who knew her fate was to unfurl in
the sounds of life, yes, she heard her call!

She knew it would take her life for the sake of music
and the calling was oh so strong

And so she found her way inside a fiddle that was made of
the finest wood: she knew she could have it all

She took the bow and touched down on strings of golden light
and finally heard her song

Her face to the sky ~ her heart to the sun ~ Her eyes to this world were closed
But oh, on the inside: notes of color splashing 'round...
and so she found a way to capture all of them in sound!

The days turned in to years, She lives her dream and now
She wants to pass on everything she's ever learned

The children with their eager ears
all caught up in the rapture of the sounds they hear
(She's) effortlessly holding up the strings that quiver
in the spotlight that surrounds her

Her skirt is twirling 'round, thick brown hair whirling all around
seeming to say “come follow me: look what I've found”

Come follow my fiddle in fun
the music has won
Come follow my fiddle in fun