What People Are Saying

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“I have known and worked with Janiece Jaffe for almost twenty years. We have performed in many different situations and I have had the pleasure of watching her teach and perform at the universities with which I have been associated including Eastern Illinois University, Minnesota Sate University and The Brubeck Institute at The University of the Pacific. Janiece is a remarkable vocalist with command of a wide array of styles. She is a riveting performer, who communicates easily with audiences whether in club settings, lecture halls or concert halls. She has also worked with a number of my students and has proven herself to be a sensitive and knowledgeable guide/teacher with students at all levels of ability.”
- Simon Rowe, Executive Director, Brubeck Institute
A brilliant artist/teacher, Janiece inspires magic in advanced students while opening wonderful doors for the novice.  The magic continues in her performances casting a spell in jazz that truly moves the human spirit.           - George Pinney,  Professor of Musical Theater at Indiana University

Whether it's performing on a stage, or acting as a vocal coach or mentor, Janiece's open heart shines through all her work. Her voice draws you in, making love songs more tender and turning even well-known music effervescently new. It's not surprising that she has the ability to inspire musicians, audiences, and voice students, but what underlies her effortless creativity is a solid and deep technical background. In only a few hours of friendly, supportive instruction, she was able to open entirely new worlds for me as a jazz and blues singer - leaving me more creative, with a richer tone, and (perhaps best of all) my stubborn, years' old 'voice break' is gone.
- Wendi Maxwell, jazz singer, Stockton CA