What People Are Saying

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In the weekly Healing Sound Meditations, Janiece creates a magnificent musical landscape that resonates deep within; it awakens the body mind and invites the spirit to dance. This meditation has been a profound complementary addition to my spiritual and meditation practice.
- Julie Hill    
Janiece heard 'A Rose For Viola' only a few times in its instrumental form, but with her uncanny ability to delve into the 'story' of a tune wrote lyrics that are highly meaningful to me- she really nailed them. Plus, she wrote them practically overnight! I couldn't have found a better lyricist to bring my song new life.    - Ron Kadish
On Janiece and Curtis:

"Curtis and Janiece performance was amazing.
They touched my soul! Thank you!"
~Kim Morris~Newson

"I just love when Janiece and Curtis perform together. Such a perfect treat for the ears and soul."
~Jim Johnson

"You both were wonderful...such a gift to our community."
~Shelley Taylor

"Beautiful night of music! Thank you. Thank you for spreading your joy and warmth."
~Beth Broccini

"You two create something very unique and magical."
~Barney Quick