I have been teaching for over twenty years and it is one of my greatest joys. Please be sure to visit my upcoming workshop page for the latest news.  I offer lessons, workshops, and retreats  in voice, sound healing, and toning bowls. Contact me for more information.

Voice Lessons

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Your Voice As A Healing Instrument
"Janiece has literally transformed the way I think about my vocal mechanism and singing. My technique has improved immensely with her detailed guidance of placement, support, and style, and even more impressive are the changes in my perspective as a vocalist. I now feel much more confident and relaxed in my performances, and have learned from Janiece that a true sense of authenticity to oneself and the art is crucial in the development as a singer. Through our sessions I have discovered the ability to silence the inner critic, and to let the music flow out from a place of peace and creativity. For years I tried to pick apart my stylistic choices to shape my voice into what I thought I wanted it to sound like, and became discouraged when I couldn't produce what I wanted to hear. Janiece has helped me to create a mental atmosphere where I can just let go and allow my intuition to create a style that is completely authentic! Through her teaching, Janiece has helped me to create a better relationship with my voice, and this has proved to be an invaluable gift as I grow as a vocalist. I have learned that singing is truly a holistic process, and that being in touch with yourself emotionally is absolutely essential. I cannot thank her enough for her amazing spirit, teaching, and how she has changed the way I view myself as a musician." - Lauren Hime