Conscious Singing: Your Voice Inside the Choir/Chorus
Come explore your voice with Janiece Jaffe
Leave with a blissful smile!  We will be covering:
  • Levels of Listening 
  • Vocal Empowerment
  • Full Body Resonance
  • Blending
Janiece teaches intuitively extracting from her vast experience as an improvisational vocalist.
Her focus is on who is present and what they are asking for.  Some subjects cover toning for healing self and others; listening and connecting with your inner voice; overtone singing, singing in nature; meditation, sound exploration and more.

3D and 5D Merkaba Meditations
For 10 years Janiece has been practicing and integrating these meditations to keep in alignment with her higher self.  Learn how to connect with and use the sacred geometry that is naturally all around you for your greater connection with your higher self.

Circle Singing

About Janiece Jaffe